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Cold Rolled Products

Infill Panel Systems

 The Infill Panel System forms a secondary structure that typically sits between each floor of the structural frame. It can be used to support a wide range of external finishes as well as the internal lining of the building.
The system primarily consists of stud, trak and header sections which are held together using a range of tek fixings. Studs are typically positioned vertically at either 400mm or 600mm centres depending on the selected finishes. These are held in place at each end by a trak and a header section which are connected to the main frame.
There is no need for cleats or brackets as sections are fixed together through overlapping flanges with a self drilling tekscrew. These sections can also be used to form openings and trimmings within the frame to accommodate doors, windows and other penetrations that may be required

Trak Arrangements

 Trak members are typically thin gauge lip-less channel sections that are used as a base for almost all wall frames. Trak members should be fixed at a maximum of 600mm centres in a staggered arrangement. When using concrete screws, 7mm clearance holes can be pre-punched upon request within the trak sections.

Where required to achieve specific cladding zones or to accommodate any site tolerances, the trak member can be stepped in or overhang the edge of the slab or beam as required. For large overhangs additional support may be required. Please contact our Technical Department for further information. (For shot-fired fixings please confirm minimum edge distance with your supplier.

Deflection Headers

In order to accommodate deflections in the main frame, infill panels require a deflection header member that allows the main frame to move without compressing the stud sections.

Opening Trimmers

From personnel doors to windows, our SFS systems can trim around any openings to suit the project requirements.

One of our opening systems is the single header and jamb sections. This is built up of a single vertical stud section jamb spanning from the base trak to the header track either side of the opening and a single header section directly above the opening to provide support. These sections are fixed together using our opening cleats.

Compound sections is another suitable opening frame system that we offer. This system works in the same way as the single opening frame but multiple sections are fixed together to build up the jambs and the headers.

The suitability of either opening system will vary depending on the project, for further information or for a design please contact our Technical department.

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